Aurora Series and Signature Series

LightSource Tanning Bulbs - Most Consistant Bulbs and LONGEST LASTING in the Tanning Industry in the last 24 years

Superior tanning results, top quality craftsmanship, combined with superb reliability and performance are the exact qualities that distinguish the Aurora Series lamps as the top lamp brand nationwide.

Your tanning equipment is only as good as the lamps you use in it. Aurora lamps were designed for salon owners who want to build a successful business reputation.

Aurora Series lamps contain only the highest quality phosphors and superior speciality glass manufactured specifically for only the tanning industry. It was the first lamp series to offer a 4.2, 5.0, 6.5, 7.5 and 8.5 percent lamps to the industry.

Aurora's product line is deep. It holds mulitiple options for every salon and every application in the industry. From the Morning Sun for fair skinned clients and new tanners, to the Equator Sun for seasoned clients, Aurora has a beautiful tan for everyone.

Best of all, Aurora lamps deliver superior color and deep, dark tans on a consistant measurable basis. In the tanning industry, salons recognize one key is to keep the customers they have, and then get them to tell someone else about the wonderful tan your salon gives them.

Aurora lamps do that every time.

LightSource Aurora Series

Experience The Difference With LightSource Tanning Bulbs!

LightSource Signature Series

High Powered Tanning with Signature Series

Signature Series lamps provide salon owners with improved quality that results in longer life and better tans from a reflector lamp. These lamps offer the hightest quality phosphor blending and processes, and unique heat shield and cathode guards for optimal performance and minimal end darkening.