About Us

I Brad Latawiec have been in the tanning Industry for over 20 years and have seen many trends come and go!

The Salons that make a good living in this industry have to adapt to these trends! Having the right information and products in your salon for the types of markets in your area is critical!

Marketing your salon is also very important. I have owned tanning salons for over 15 years and have been wholesaling for over 20 years. So I have the best of both worlds! I work one on one with you and have no sales people calling you ever!!

I come out to your salon and work with you and get to know what products work for you! I want you to improve your sales immediately! I also will give you my option what types of changes may help you to compete better you market area! I can be reached at all times for questions and ideas that worked in my salons in the past!

I dont want to sell you things that won't sell!! Your business is very important to me and i will do whatever it takes to keep it!!

email>>> or 1 866 999 6454 or Edmonton area at 780 406 6454.